Resource Centre for History Education

The Resource Centre for History Education is an on-line repository of materials related to history, heritage, and citizenship education in Europe. The Resource Centre includes examples of practice, policy recommendations, and references to existing databases maintained by other organisations. The materials included in the Resource Centre are provided free of charge.

Collections of Practice

Dealing with the Past in History Education

Within the EUROCLIO-run project Dealing with the Past in History Education, civil society actors have performed study visits to several countries, including Colombia, Croatia, South Africa and South Korea. They explored the potential contribution of history education to conflict prevention and transnational justice, and identify ways to overcome the practical challenges related to dealing with conflicting memories and narratives, dealing with emotional and difficult histories, and dealing with uncertainties and sensitivities. The result of this exploration is a collection of existing practices and practical recommendations that can be used for local and cross-regional implementation and joint advocacy on global, regional and national levels. [Coming soon]

Making History and Citizenship Education More Inclusive

The collection, developed as part of the project Strategies for Inclusion, helps educators to learn from the real life experience of colleagues, to think strategically and consider adapting the practices to their own contexts. The collection of practices provides detailed information about the use of strategies for inclusion and how strategies may be adapted to various educational contexts. Each documented item helps to understand how the strategy was actually implemented, what factors influenced its use, and what challenges were encountered during its implementation. The collection includes examples of strategies used to promote high-quality history and citizenship education among students and with students who are blind or partially sighted and students who encounter issues related to motivation and behaviour. [view more]

Primary Sources

There are several online databases specifically built for making available primary source materials:

Curricula, Textbooks and Exams


Edumeres provides a central access point to the Georg Eckert Institute’s research-oriented information and communication infrastructure. Straddling national and disciplinary boundaries the portal brings together a multifaceted range of tools and materials through the access it provides to academic works and research and makes them available to the widely dispersed community of textbook researchers and practitioners. Visit Edumeres

Policy Recommendations

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By Intergovernmental Organisations

By Non-Governmental Organisations

Special Reports

Since more than fifteen years ago, EUROCLIO has executed research missions, resulting in Special Reports on the status of history education in, among other countries, Moldova, Georgia, Lebanon, and countries of Former Yugoslavia. Access Special Reports

Magazines and Journals

Academic Journals about History Education

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Magazines Published by Educators' Associations

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Non-Governmental Organisations

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Expertise Centres for History Didactics

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