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Project Aims

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  • Share good practice and develop and implement innovative intercultural teaching and learning approaches and teaching materials in a multilateral context, promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law
  • Strengthen the professional organisations of history educators in the project countries
  • Development of a regional network of historians and history educators
  • Wider implementation of information and communication technology in the project countries.


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  • Increased membership of the national History Educators Associations
  • Widened regional network of historians and history educators
  • A teacher resource book: Change and Continuity in Everyday Life in Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia 1945-2000 (2003) (11.000 hard copies and CD-ROM)


Various project proposals were submitted as follow-up. Granted were European Dialogues. A Cultural Rainbow for the Future. An Inclusive and International approach for the Learning and Teaching of History in Bulgaria (2006-2009) and Macedonia: Retelling the History of a New Nation. (2006- 2007)

One of the Bulgarian coordinators played a continuous expert role in two other EuroClio projects:  Mosaic of Cultures. Teaching the multicultural society in Russia (2002-2005) and Tolerance Building through History Education in Georgia (2008 – 2011)

The Macedonian editor of the publication became an vital expert in EuroClio projects first related to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and later for the Full Former Yugoslavia.


EuroClio, : Huibert Crijns

AlbaHist, the History Teachers Association of Albania: Fatmiroshe Xhemali, Adrian Papajani

The History Teachers Association of Bulgaria: Rumyana Neykova Kusheva, Milena Dimova Platnikova

The History Teachers Association of Macedonia: Tedor Cepreganov, Iljo Trajkovski

Project experts: Dzientra Liepina, Luisa Black, Huub Kurstjens, Henrik Skovgaard Nielsen



Understanding past, learning for the future - cover image

Available in English, Albanian, and Macedonian



Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Managers

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Special Advisor to EURCLIO

Huibert Crijns, former Project Manager at EuroClio


Partners & Additional Sponsors


Georg Eckert Institute


Council of Europe

Kultur Kontakt, Austria

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