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A World History Curriculum Project for Educators

The project will develop a pedagogical vision and teaching resources for K-14 education focused on the Mediterranean. Emphasizing this region as a zone of contact and exchange in terms of culture, commerce, and human mobility, the project will provide teachers with ideas and materials that can be integrated into existing programs and standards for world history education. The initiative will generate new teaching modules that will be correlated with state and national standards and disseminated through several networks, including the World History for US All online curriculum, the National Council for Social Studies and the World History Association. More information about the project can be found here

Project Aims

Our Shared Past seeks to promote the development of international scholarly communities committed to analyzing history curriculum and reframing the teaching of world history through the identification of new scholarship and the development of new curricular content that illustrate shared cultural, economic, military, religious, social, and scientific networks and practices as well as shared global norms and values that inform world history and society.

The project encourages both the synthesis of existing scholarship on these topics and the exploration of concrete ways that this reframing can be successfully introduced into teaching curriculum in European, Middle Eastern, North African, or North American contexts.


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The project developed 6 modules, available on the educational project website:

  • Framing the Mediterranean in Space and Time
  • The Mediterranean and Beyond in Antiquity
  • Becoming Global and Staying Local: The Mediterranean from 300-1500 CE
  • Mediterranean Transformations in a Changing Global Context, 1450-1800
  • Reform and Social Change in the Mediterranean, 1798-1914
  • The Modern Mediterranean, 1945 – Present

Supported by


The Social Science Research Council

Educational Project website

Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean

Project Managers

Jonathan Even-Zohar, EuroClio Director, as curriculum developer


George Mason University
Istanbul University (Turkey)
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Arizona
Al Akhawayn University (Morocco)
Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, Virginia
Middle East Outreach Council
City and Country School, New York City


PROJECT DIRECTOR Peter Mandaville, George Mason University

DEPUTY PROJECT DIRECTOR Susan Douglass, George Mason University

Mehmet Açıkalın, Istanbul University, Turkey
Edmund Burke III, University of California, Santa Cruz
Julia Clancy-Smith, University of Arizona
Sumaiya Hamdani, George Mason University
Driss Maghraoui, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
Peter Mandaville, George Mason University
Huseyin Yilmaz, George Mason University

Susan Douglass, George Mason University
Craig Perrier, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, Virginia

Barbara Petzen, Middle East Outreach Council
Joan Brodsky Schur, City and Country School, New York City
Tom Verde, Independent Scholar