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Engaging History Education through memories and legacies of Europe’s favorite sport

EuroClio initiative “Football. A People’s History of Europe” aims to launch a Europe-wide project that addresses societal challenges through the transformational potential of football and its history. The project is built around a main objective on how historical learning through the lens of football can develop young people’s competences like knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. The shared football history of Europe can generate a sense of belonging and ultimately sense of responsibility for active citizenship, especially for young people who are not normally interested in school or history. The rich history of football makes it possible to build positive cultural contribution to diverse society.

The project mobilises history educators, football historians, pedagogy experts, education policy makers, community workers and football stakeholders to work together to deliver innovative teaching and learning materials. This is achieved through collaborative design work and piloting. Historical content and educational resources will be made available for use on the Historiana website.

Project Aims

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  • To include marginalised youth in Europe by building historical consciousness for a sense of belonging locally and transnationally.
  • To promote empathy and intercultural dialogue among students, teachers and school leadership in vocational education through the societal power of football and history.
  • To advocate the need for relevance of the history taught to the students themselves to politicians and policy makers on national levels.

Expected Outcomes

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  • Educational resources that explore the history of Europe through football for Historiana platform.
  • Iconic Matches case studies that develop historical understanding, critical thinking and citizenship skills.
  • Football Kit for transferable activities to be applied in local circumstances.
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Gisela Becker, Paolo Ceccoli, Denver Charles, Lars Henriksen, Luis Horrillo, Igor Jovanovic, Hrvoje Klasic, Martin Liepach, Thomas Notz, Chris Rowe, Matthias Thoma, Barnabás Vajda, Milos Vukanovic, Dejan Zec

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Academic Advisor

Prof. Dr. Gijsbert Oonk (1966) holds the Jean Monnet Chair (ad Personam) on Migration, Citizenship and Identity. He is the founding director of Sport and Nation.