About the Project

The Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure phase 3 (DSI3) project has continued the work of its predecessors DSI1 and DSI2 in tackling the question of how to unlock the potential for use of digital heritage for (history) education. The project focused on the further integration of Europeana and Historiana in order to make them more user-friendly, thus allowing for their optimal use in history education.

Together with Europeana, EuroClio developed a teacher training guide (How to use online tools to promote historical thinking?). This guide is designed for teacher trainers to challenge and support their trainees or colleagues to create, adapt and use eLearning Activities that promote historical thinking using the Historiana eLearning Environment and Europeana’s Source Collections. The guide includes practical information on how to set up a workshop, a set of ready to use teacher challenges to create eLearning activities, and various types of support material. The guide can be downloaded below. The exemplar content and a screencast of an online eTwinning seminar bringing together all the materials are also available below.

Project Aims and Outcomes

The project aimed to facilitate the optimization of Europeana and Historiana resources in history education, through:

  • The development of content to be used in an eLearning environment
  • The creation of a strategy for teacher training in the use of this environment
  • Developing a strategy for the continuous testing of the Historiana facility with users (teachers and students)
  • Aiding in website development in accordance with addressing the key issues that have been identified over the course of DSI1 and DSI2

The project delivered the following concrete outputs:

  • 14 e-Learning activities and 12 source collections on Historiana using Europeana content
  • A training package for teachers regarding the use of the e-Learning environment on Historiana, using Europeana content
  • 7 Europeana specialised workshops for teachers within existing training events of EuroClio and/or EuroClio’s member associations
  • 2 online eTwinning events on how to use the Historiana e-Learning Environment with Europeana content

Educational Materials

Check out all 12 source collections on Historiana!

Check out all 14 learning activities on Historiana!

Teacher Training Package – Europeana DSI3


Report Workshop at Fontys University – 14 April 2018

Report Annual Conference Workshop in Marseille – 24 April 2018

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