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In the year 2001, the first independent history teachers’ organization – Association for Social History-EuroClio was established with the main aim to help history teachers in the process of building civil society in Serbia.  Since history was one of the most misused topics during the previous regime and history textbooks were one of  the  most important means of the nationalistic propaganda, a group of people gathered around this association decided to initiate changes in history teaching in Serbia.

Project Aims

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  • To develop the ASH-EuroClio into a Serbia wide Association for History Educators with a democratic system of government.
  • To develop ASH-EuroClio into a permanent platform for history educators discussing why, what and how to teach, especially with regards to peace, stability and democracy in Serbia and the Balkan region.
  • To initiate and promote changes and innovations in history education especially with regards to peace, stability and democracy in Serbia and the Balkan region.
  • To support the professional development of history teachers in Serbia.
  • To organize 4 training seminars for 100 history educators to study and discuss innovative approaches in history education.
  • To build an active group of history educators in Serbia, interested and supportive towards the innovation of history education.
  • To establish relations and to exchange knowledge, experience and information between ASH-EuroClio and the History Teachers Associations from the Balkan region, end to establish comparable contacts with individuals and institutions in other parts of ex-Yugoslavia in which no History Teachers Associations exist yet.
  • To become an active and involved member of EuroClio, the European Standing Conference of History Teachers Associations.
  • To establish constructive but critical relations with the Serbian Ministry of Education, especially advising in the field of curricula, textbooks and teacher training for history.
  • To establish a small Center for the Learning and Teaching of History, which functions as an office, meeting room and resource center for the Association.


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  • The Association for Social History has developed both a Serbian- and a regional-wide network.
  • 100 history educators have been reached by the teacher training seminars.



Association for Social History in Serbia


Project Managers

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, EuroClio Executive Director