2nd Transnational Project Meeting for the Opening Up Historiana project

On 17-20 January 2019 the partners of the project Learning to Disagree coordinated by EUROCLIO, along with all the core team members will come together in Maynooth, Ireland for a short term staff training. The meeting aims at presenting the work made so far on the collection of point of views […]

Introduction days for new trainees

Twice a year, when new trainees join EUROCLIO, they are given three induction days where they learn more about how EUROCLIO works and the various projects or areas of work that they can be involved with during their time here.

RETHINK Work Package 2 meeting

This is the second of three meetings where the participating membersof Work Package 2 come together. During the meeting the Handbook will be further discussed and developed.

First short-term joint staff training for the Football Makes History project

The first 3-day thematic workshop within the Football Makes History project will take place from 1-3 February in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The central theme of the workshop will be discrimination and anti-semitism. The Anne Frank House will be the workshops’ host, regarding its unique position in the world as a […]

“We” is Defined by Where We’re Heading, not Where We Have Been

The original article was written by EUROCLIO Ambassador Jonathan Even-Zohar on his website. Talking Future of Madurodam – The small city of the smile In 1952 a park was built in The Netherlands which aimed to reinforce a Dutch collective identity and a sense of positivity toward the future. Named after […]

Liberating the Big Data of the Past

  The original article was written by EUROCLIO Ambassador Jonathan Even-Zohar on his website It’s 2025 and you are looking at buying a house. Before you do, you access your timemachine, which puts you in a historical geographic information system. Maybe it’s an Assassins Creed-type immersive experience, or maybe it’s more […]

Europeana Network Association AGM 2018

“Building Communities” The AGM 2018 – an opportunity for Europeana Network Association members to voice their opinions and ideas and to showcase their projects. This year’s focus is on building communities.