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Hungarian History Teachers’ Association

Törtenelemtana’rok egylete

The Hungarian History Teachers’ Association Törtenelemtanarok Egylete was founded in 1989 and was amongst the first organisations to join EuroClio. Törtenelemtanarok Egylete is a non-profit non-governmental organisation whose main goal is to support the learning and teaching of history by sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience. We have 400 members and local groups in, with special programmes.

The position of history teaching is quite strong among the school subjects in Hungary. It is one of the three compulsory final exam subject in the secondary schools, besides Hungarian and mathematics. We teach history in two lessons in the 5-10 grade and in three lessons in the last two grades. In the ninth and the twelfth grade there is also a civics lesson, which is usually taught by the history teacher of the class. It is also possible to get optional classes if there is a need for it as well as preparatory courses for the advanced final exam that needed for university.

Törtenelemtanarok Egylete organizes trainings for their members and have a conference each year at the beginning of October. Not only teachers of history from different levels participate in these conferences, but secondary school and university students as well. Törtenelemtanarok Egylete also organizes study tours. In previous years, study tours were organised to Paris and Crete.