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Workshop by Benny Christensen, Learning to Disagree Team

This workshop is the product of the Learning to Disagree project. This project was initiated in response to the needs of educators who experience difficulties in addressing sensitive and controversial issues in their classrooms. The project, now in its final stages, offers trainings and support materials to teachers to face these topics head-on with their students. These materials aim at teaching students vital skills such as the ability to listen, to consider alternative interpretations, and the ability of interacting with people that they disagree with in a constructive manner.

Benny is one of the core members of the Learning to Disagree team. His workshop will focus on developing lesson plans on the topic of migration to Europe, so you can apply these lesson plans directly to your classroom. Migration is not a new phenomenon, yet it remains the cause of many heated debates, not least in classrooms. Therefore, Benny designed this learning activity around the topic. Via group work and general discussions, you will engage in a variety of strategies that focus on dialogue, debate and discussion. Which outcomes and activities are best suited for class work on this sensitive topic?  And how can you use assessment to design such a learning activity? Share your experiences and ideas with European colleagues!

Benny Christensen is an independent consultant on history education. He served as board member of the Danish History Teachers’ Association from 1997 to 2003 and was Project Manager and Expert in the project: ‘Towards a New History’ (Serbia and Montenegro) 2001-2003, funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Benny Christensen has acted as EuroClio expert on many occasions, e.g. the EuroClio project ‘History in Action-Planning for the Future. Regional Approaches for the Learning and Teaching of History in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia’. (2005-2008). He is currently engaged in the projects ‘Learning to Disagree’ and ‘Football Makes History’.

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27th Annual Conference

This workshop is part of the 27th EuroClio Annual Conference on Controversy and Disagreement in the Classroom. You can find more information on the Annual Conference, including the full programme, on the Annual Conference main page.

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Workshop Fee

You can register to this single workshop for 15€ , or register to multiple workshops for a reduced fee.

Participation is free for Individual Members, Member Associations, and Ambassadors. Reach out to Djoera at djoera@euroclio.eu to know how to join.

Learning to Disagree

This and many other workshops are based on the Learning Activities and Variety of Viewpoints developed for the Learning to Disagree Project. You can find the Lesson Plan on “People on the Move: Why do People Disagree About Migration” on Historiana.


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November 26, 2020
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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