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Historical content team meeting

On Friday September 13th 2019 a Historical content team meeting regarding the Europeana DSI4 project took place in EuroClio’s office. Two new source collections were presented, ‘Precursors to the Reformation — Dissent and reform in Medieval Church’and ‘Contrasting Confessions and Depicting Doctrines: Protestant and Catholic Art in 16th and 17th centuries’. The former takes a look at a number of important figures that can be seen as a precursor to the Reformation, and helps the reader understand that Luther’s concerns were already voiced before his time. All in all, the presentation aims to present the pre-Modern challenges to the Papal authority and to stimulate the discussion around the continuity and change within the Medieval Church. The latter is structured chronologically and could be divided in two main parts: Protestant art and Catholic (Counter-Reformation) art. It opens with a brief introduction on how religious motifs were depicted in art from the 13th century to late 15th century, emphasising the Renaissance influence and the moral decay of the Catholic Church as main triggers. It continues with a short theoretical approach Luther’s and Calvin’s ideas, followed by pieces of art in which the main theological ideas can be identified.

Project members and partners contemplated upon the necessary pieces of information that need to accompany each source. Subsequently, a broad range of topics were discussed, such as the development of eLearning Activities with the new source collections, ideas for future webinars and workshops, and the role of cultural heritage institutions in the project.

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September 13, 2019 @ 8:00 am
September 15, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

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