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Workshop by Miško Stanišić, Terraforming

During this workshop Miško will introduce you to Ester.

Ester is a collection of novels and a teaching material about the Holocaust. Ester’s most distinctive and important feature is a series of dramatized and illustrated novels about the Jewish victims killed in the Concentration Camp Judenlager Semlin at the Belgrade Fairground (Staro Sajmište) in the beginning of 1942. 

These graphic novels are specifically developed to serve as a tool for teaching and learning about the Holocaust. They focus on young victims and their families, their pre-war lives, as well as under the German occupation and during the Holocaust. The novels are based on true historical events and the people who experienced them. Esther graphic novels are reconstructions and dramatizations of history based on available fragments of personal stories. Historical events and facts are central, whilst the main focus is simultaneously placed on the human experience, feelings and thoughts of the main characters. 

Created primarily for 12-13- and 16-18-year-old students, the novels can be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in learning history through the means of a graphic novel.  

Ester is created by Miško Stanišić and his team at Terraforming – a Serbian NGO which develops educational methodologies and teaching materials, combining best practices in contemporary pedagogy with new-media technologies while facilitating multidisciplinary cross-sectoral international project cooperation and exchange. 

In this interactive workshop Miško will show you how you can use Ester in your own classroom. 

About the Workshop Host

Misko Stanisic was born in Sarajevo, then Yugoslavia, in 1966.
As a refugee from the Yugoslav civil war he ended up in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993, where he lived in refugee camps until getting a permanent visa to stay. In 2012 he moved from Stockholm to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is now based between Amsterdam and Novi Sad in Serbia.
Misko studied General Law at the Sarajevo University, as well as Pedagogy, Adult Education and New Media in Education in Stockholm.
In 2008 Misko Stanisic co-founded Terraforming, an NGO based in Novi Sad in Serbia. Since then he develops educational methodologies and teaching materials in the field of teaching about the Holocaust and combating antisemitism, antygypsyism and other forms of xenophobia, combining best practices in contemporary pedagogy with new-media technologies.
Misko is member of the Serbian delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA, member of IHRA Education Working Group and IHRA Committee for the Genocide of the Roma, as well as member of the steering committee of ENCATE – European Network Combating Antisemitism Through Education.
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27th Annual Conference

This workshop is part of the 27th EuroClio Annual Conference on Controversy and Disagreement in the Classroom. You can find more information on the Annual Conference, including the full programme, on the Annual Conference main page.

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Workshop Fee

You can register to this single workshop for 15€ , or register to multiple workshops for a reduced fee.

Participation is free for Individual Members, Member Associations, and Ambassadors. Reach out to Djoera at djoera@euroclio.eu to know how to join.

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November 6, 2020
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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