International Training Seminar 2020

Exact dates to be confirmed The Fall training of 2020 will deal with a key moment in European History: the Industrial Revolution. By dealing with the Industrial Revolution in different countries throughout Europe, and especially by comparing and contrasting how it came about and was perceived in each country, pupils […]

International Training Seminar 2019

Exact dates to be confirmed Often, the teaching of European History is limited, in school curricula, to the teaching of the events that led to the creation of the European Union, beginning in 1950 with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community or in 1957 with the Treaty […]

EUROCLIO’s 2019 Summer School (tentative dates)

Rethinking Approaches to Diversity & Violence in History Education Exact dates to be confirmed The Summer School seeks to combine educators working in history and heritage through interactive workshops on innovative on-site learning. Last year the organisers put great care into setting up an intensive and rich programme to which […]