As part of the dissemination phase of “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?”, our teams from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Spain presented the project to audiences in their respective countries.

Students from Team Bosnia & Herzegovina spoke about their experience doing a local history project on the television programme “Generation Z”. Their teachers, Branka Ljubojević and Tatjana Jurić, discussed the project within the larger context of history teaching on the television programme “Art Machine”.

Our team members from Spain, Harri Beobide and Amaia Lamikiz, organised a seminar to present the project to the Association of Basque Country Schools. They also hosted a hands-on workshop at the University of the Basque Country, where trainee teachers were able to gain an understanding of project-based and place-based learning as methodologies for history teaching.


Follow us for more updates from Team Belgium, Team Denmark and Team Slovakia in the coming months!


The recordings of the programmes featuring Team Bosnia & Herzegovina are available here (in Serbian):