The annual Summer School of the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory started in 2018. Its purpose was to show how totalitarian regimes function, how their rhetoric works, and why it may sound tempting to the masses, who are unaware of the consequences of offering simplified solutions to complicated issues. Estonia suffered under both the national socialist and communist occupation. Estonia’s case shows how the outcome and aftermath of the Second World War is still affecting everyday life on personal as well as international levels.

The six-day programme of the Summer School intends to give the international audience an overview (in English) of Estonian 20th-century history. Through lectures, films, tours, discussions, and workshops, participants can discuss conflicts between different ideological narratives in history lessons that teachers must cope with.

  • Time: 24–29 July 2022
  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • For whom: History and civic studies teachers, educators, youth workers and history
  • Cost: Participation is free of charge, including food and accommodation. Participants do need to cover their own travel costs.

The application deadline is 7 June 2022. The participants will be announced on 10 June.

For further questions, please contact Ms. Eli Pilve: