The three-day conference is part of the RETHINK project and will discuss the meaning of Remembrance Education and how to bring it to the classroom.

As the aim of the project is to support inclusive education by shedding light on the historical significance of polarised identities and providing educators with tools to combat intolerance and challenge prejudices, with this final conference we want to promote the project results towards educational institutions and other learning providers, policymakers and stakeholders at European level.


Dates and sessions’ content:

2 March 2021 (10AM-1PM CET)

  • What is Rethink? (Clément Bardoux, France Education International – Coordinator Rethink Project)
  • Presentation of the Rethink database (Morgane Knepper – Mémorial de la Shoah)
  • Launch of the Rethink Network (Isabelle Diependaele – Kazerne Dossin)
  • Never Again is Now Again: Historical Persistence of Collective Violence and Critical Thinking in Remembrance Education (Nena Močnik – PhD)


3 March 2021 (4PM-6PM CET)

  • Connecting to session 1 (Isabelle Diependaele – Kazerne Dossin)
  • The case of bringing Remembrance Education to the class room (Wouter Sinaeve)
  • Presentation Rethink Teachers’ Guide and E-learning platform (Alice Modena – EuroClio, Alessia Valenti – CESIE)


4 March 2021 (10AM-1PM CET)

  • Connecting to session 2 (Isabelle Diependaele – Kazerne Dossin)
  • Introduction of the panel: Remembrance education in practice: Voices from different fields (Alice Modena & Catherine Savitsky – EuroClio)
  • How can we present a difficult past in a way that it is meaningful today? (Prof. Dariusz Stola)
  • How to bring Theory into Practice? (Maarten Van Alstein – PhD)
  • Remembrance education – The role of public authorities (Jean-Philippe Restoueix)
  • Presentation of Rethink’s policy recommendations (Isabelle Diependaele – Kazerne Dossin)

More information

For additional information on the project and more details about the conference, visit RETHINK’s website.