EuroClio needs one hour of your time!

A challenge that many history educators face is finding reliable historical evidence that represent multiple perspectives. Often, the sources that are in textbooks and official curriculum materials are limited or only give a limited point of view. For teachers, it demands a lot of time and effort to find sources that offer diverse perspectives. What if finding sources was easier? EuroClio wants to help with this.

Last year, EuroClio initiated a crowdsourcing project with the aim of creating a teacher pack for resources to the Russian Revolution. Using the wide EuroClio network as an initial starting point for collection, EuroClio members contributed sources from across Europe that represented a variety of historical perspectives. The sources are now ready to go into the classroom! But, we need to know how to support teachers to use the sources. So we need a group of teachers to look at these sources and share with us how they could use them in the classroom.

What help we need: We need a group of teachers who teach the Russian Revolution to join us in an online meeting to share ideas of how to use these sources. The meeting will be approximately one hour in length and will involve a discussion of lesson ideas. Would you be interested? If you are open to helping or if you would like more information, please email or