This summer, the RETHINK team (Remembrance Education for THINKing Critically) will launch its eLearning Platform. We are looking for 20 members of our network who would like to pilot modules of the platform before its official launch. The eLearning Platform is designed as a professional development opportunity for teachers and educators, so there is no need to pilot it with students.

The structure of the eLearning platform

The eLearning platform consists of 8 different modules, and each pilot volunteer is asked to try out a minimum of two modules (but you can try more if you like!).

Modules and Time Lengths:

1. Making the past relevant for today – 50 min

2. Applying multiperspectivity to remembrance education – 50 min

3. Methodologies and approaches (this section is divided in modules 3A, 3B, 3C)

3A. Preparation for a visit to a remembrance site – 60 – 90 min

3B. Teaching with video testimonies of victims of national socialism – 50-90 min

3C. Making the most of digital archives in class – 35 min

4. Challenging exclusion: thinking critically (this section is divided in modules 4A, 4B, and 4C)

4A. Dealing with hate speech – 50 min

4B. Addressing propaganda today – 100 min

4C. Prejudices & stereotyping: in everyday life and throughout history – 30 min

There is a maximum number of slots per module, and we will operate on a first come, first served basis, so signing up for a module in a timely manner is essential.

How will the piloting work?

We will arrange short (15-20 minutes) Skypes in early June with pilot volunteers to present the RETHINK project and partnership, in order to provide context for the eLearning platform. The piloting will then take place in the second half of June, and pilot volunteers will receive a short feedback form to fill in with their thoughts on the experience.

To collect further qualitative feedback, we will also plan short online focus groups with pilot volunteers who tried out the same modules. These will take place in July, and participation to them will be optional. It will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all across Europe, and to let us know what you thought of the modules you tried out.


Both the pre-piloting conversation and the post-piloting focus groups will be hosted by Alice Modena and Catherine Savitsky. If you are interested, please reach out to Alice Modena at