Call for Applications 2020!

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Foundation EVZ is launching a new funding program entitled local.history. This funding provides support to local initiatives and associations in their endeavours to create and shape a local remembrance of the National Socialist era.

The funding program supports local and regional history initiatives from Central and Eastern Europe. The main goal of the programme is to reappraise the remembrance of the era of National Socialism and the Second World War. A particular point of focus is the persecution of various ethnic groups and minorities during the National Socialist period.

The major topics addressed are the history of National Socialism, forced labour under the National Socialist regime, the Holocaust, as well as the remembrance of various persecuted groups.

The formats of the projects are open-ended; therefore, workshops, podcasts, exhibitions, graphic novels and more are welcomed, as long as the chosen formats suit the projects’ objectives in a way that contributes to the sharing of local cultures of remembrance.

Are you interested? Please submit a project proposal before June 15, 2020. You can find the call for applications here.


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