Rose Reiken and Sydney Eisenberg — Humanity in Action Fellows, US university students, and educators — are hosting a professional development workshop from June 5-7 in Berlin for history teachers that introduces a pedagogical approach from an American nonprofit Facing History and Ourselves. Facing History encourages students to think critically about social difference and consider their own capabilities to influence society through learning history. You can learn more about their model here and their work globally here. At this workshop, they will provide meaningful training and materials about teaching history, specifically focused on Holocaust education and how it can shift to engage students generations apart from survivors in an increasingly diverse European context. This workshop will be conducted in English and is generously supported by Humanity in Action and Foundation EVZ. Their goal is to empower teachers with practical, pedagogical approaches that promote engagement, empathy, and intellectual curiosity from students. Please fill out this form if you are interested in attending. You can reach out to Rose ( and Sydney ( with any questions. Thank you!
  • The conference is primarily targeted to German teachers, but teachers from across Europe are more than welcome to attend! The vast majority of the program will be applicable to any context, not only German. (The German specific work will be in visiting sites or hearing speakers from a German/Berlin context, which should still be interesting to other European educators!) The conference will be entirely in English, so attendees should be comfortable English speakers.
  • The final deadline to register will be May 15th.  As of now, interested teachers should fill out the form from the blurb ( They will follow up with everyone with the official registration form in the coming months.