As we begin work in a new decade, we are proud to present our new EuroClio logo. A new logo representative of our mission and values marks a key step in professionalising our communication efforts and raising the visibility of EuroClio’s work.

The new logo is furthermore the result of a process in which our extended community were invited to contribute. We therefore direct a big and timely thanks to everyone who sent us ideas, or contributed to the ‘word cloud’ of what truly represents us as an Association.

The new logo features several elements that aptly illustrate our values, mission and vision. Most notably, the focus on quality history education is represented through the silhouette of Clio – the mythological muse of history. Our muse also serves to espouse the human-centred focus of our Association, working with educators and learners across the world.

Our efforts at promoting mutual understanding and peace is represented through the olive branch – itself a powerful symbol of peace since Antiquity.

The promotion of multiperspective approaches to history teaching, based on mutual respect, is core to our mission and is represented by taking inspiration from faceted minerals. A circular gemstone makes for a perfect visual interpretation of the value of multiple perspectives, highlighted by the different tones and kaleidoscopic qualities that such gems display.

The new colour scheme – purple – is a slight departure from the ‘European’ blue featured in our old logo, helping to distinguish ourselves from EU bodies and other organisations focused on Europe. Finding a logo that stands out among the many other organisations alluding to both Clio and to Europe was important to us and we hope to have achieved this both in style and colour.

We finally direct our great appreciation to the designer of our new logo, Carlos Marcelino. His patience and excellent work in guiding us through the process has been invaluable in finding a logo that truly represents EuroClio, our mission and work.  With the logo now in place, EuroClio’s Secretariat will continue the work with phasing in the accompanying visual identity kit in all of our external communications.