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The Graz Conference 2020 brings together eminent scholars from around the world to discuss core concepts in history didactics such as ‘historical consciousness’, ‘historical thinking’ and ‘historical culture’ (including public history and memory culture) in a comparative approach. The core concepts have been the subject of various approaches and definitions in the national and regional networks and schools of history didactics and historical education. However, the intercultural, transnational and global dimensions of the core concepts of history didactics and historical education have not been elaborated extensively or compared systematically. The Graz Conference 2020 aims to make essential steps forward in this direction by putting more emphasis on the intercultural, transnational and global dimensions of this discourse.

The Graz Conference creates opportunities to strengthen the international ties and make them more robust in terms of international comparison, exchange of information and results, and the creation of new research networks and projects. In this goal, the conference understands itself in the continuity of international cooperation and comparison in history didactics/theory and practice of historical education, organized for example in the framework of the International Society of History Didactics (ISHD), the International Research Association for History and Social Science Education (irahsse), HEIRNET etc. and previous initiatives to international debates on theory in history didactics/history education.

Historical consciousness – Historical thinking – Historical culture”

Core Concepts of History Didactics and Historical Education in Intercultural Perspectives

Reflections on Achievements – Challenges for the New Generation


The Conference takes place in Graz, Austria (University of Graz and conference hotel “Das Weitzer”) 20–­­23 April 2020.

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Call for Papers

Deadline: 14th February 2020

Accommodation: Hotel Weitzer, Graz, Austria.

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