EuroClio is looking for front-end-developers to contribute to the development of Historiana, a progressive web application designed to inspire and support history educators to teach history in an innovative way, as part of an open source project. The main task is to develop the user experience of a new block in an existing interface  that can be used in the eActivity Builder. The block is designed to help users analyse texts. The eActivity Builder makes it possible for users to create their own eLearning Activities in any language. The Building blocks can be used to create eLearning Activities. Each building block has its own functionality, and the different building blocks can be put in any order.

The development process, starting from a sketched design, includes:

  • The development of a prototype;
  • Processing feedback from partners and users at several occasions;
  • Delivery of a copy of Historiana with a new functional building block; and
  • Integration of the code in the main Historiana website.

The last step of the development process needs to be done in cooperation with Webtic, that has developed Historiana up to now.


All tenderers will submit a tender document, with a budget for the project and a time planning, as described above. As a general guide, a budget of 10,000 – 20,000 euro (including VAT) should cover all phases of development, management, operation and associated costs.

Eligibility criteria

  1.  Working level of English.
  2. Submission of complete tender (including itemised budget and timeplan).
  3.  Experience with Javascript (ES6), HTML5
  4. Experience with reactive JavaScript: VueJS, Angular or React.
  5.  Working knowledge of the Git version control system.
  6. Interest to be involved in the development of Historiana beyond the scope of this tender.

Selection criteria

Our selection is based on best value for money.

-Quality and relevance of the portfolio.
-Experience of working in open source projects.
-Experience of working in projects with multiple web developers.
-The willingness to be involved with Historiana beyond the scope of this project (please provide a short motivation).

Competences sought

We’re especially looking for people who are smart, get things done and are good in cooperation. E.g. people that know how important the team effort is.

Submission procedure
Please send your offer (including itemised budget and timeplan), portfolio and CV to before the end of business 15 November 2019.

For tender specifications, including sketches, please read our tender procedure.