EuroClio, Fare Network, and their partners in the “Football Makes History” project are looking for your help. The Football Makes History project team will develop educational material for formal and non-formal education, using football as a door-opener to teach issues around social inclusion and anti-discrimination.

We would like to learn more about if and how you face and deal with topics such as inclusion, exclusion, diversity, and discrimination in your work. Do you think materials dealing with football history could offer a way to teach about it? Do you know of existing materials that the project team should be aware of?

Please fill in this anonymous survey. The survey is aimed at educators working in both a formal and non-formal setting; be they classroom teachers, or youth workers at a local football club. It does not matter if you are interested in football and sports or not at all. What matters, is that you are interested in providing quality education to your pupils.

The data collected will be part of a public report that will be compiled and edited by the Anne Frank House. The report will be made available on our project page and elsewhere, and will guide the project team in developing high-quality educational materials that respond to the needs of educators.

Thank you in advance for filling in the survey before Friday 15 March 2019! Please feel free to share it with your colleagues and peers.