On 4-5 October, the Council of Europe History Teaching Unit, with support of the Ministry of Education of Serbia and the University of Belgrade held its fourth and final regional seminar in the inter-governmental project “Educating for Diversity and Democracy. Quality History Education in the 21st Century” which seeks to identify effective practice through four regional seminars where practitioners and policy makers are brought together, and the production of guidelines on quality history education for a diverse set of audiences.

The seminar followed the same programme as the preceding regional seminars which were held in Estonia, Greece  and The Netherlands.

The seminar stimulated active work and discussions and brought together many experienced and knowledgeable individuals, in most cases active with or representing EuroClio member organisations.

EuroClio is very glad that the Council of Europe continues to advance the specificity of history education on the inter-governmental level. EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar remains engaged in the consultancy group and will report on the 2nd stage of the project (2018-2019) in which the group will work further to draft, pilot and put toward the Council of Ministers an intergovernmental recommendation which will help future work across the continent on Quality History Education.