It was a beautiful summer morning when we first stepped into the office of EuroClio in Den Haag, all excited to finally start. It was Monday 28th August and we, as the four newly appointed trainees, were ready to start our intensive three-day trainee introduction programme. Over the course of this programme, we have been immersed in information regarding all the facets of EuroClio’s inner workings.

The opportunity to fully discover the impact of EuroClio’s multi-perspective outlook on history education was presented to us through various activities. We were able to get an insight into the world of Jonathan as director of EuroClio, as well as those he interacts with – including those with opposing views – through a mock debate. We were also introduced to the practical work of EuroClio through the Historiana website, contributing to source material for the Cold War module. The various projects we will be working on individually were presented to us over the course of the three days, and we’ve taken it all in with great interest.

At this point it might be good to introduce ourselves. First off, we have Larissa Wiegelmann, a 21-year- old Austrian national with a BA in History. Larissa will focus on Decisions and Dilemma’s, ePACT – History Education in South East Europe and Learning History that is not yet History. Then Rik Mets, 23 years old from the Netherlands, history teacher. In the coming months Rik will be working on the projects Strategies for Inclusion, e-Story: Media & History and The Anna Lindh Foundation. Rivka Otten, 25 years old born and raised in Den Haag, and currently working on obtaining an MA in History: Political Culture and National Identities in Leiden. Rivka will be supporting in Learning History that is not yet History, e-Story: Media & History, Dealing with the Past in History Education and Learning about (Y)our Past. And finally Rosie Anderson, 23 years old, from Scotland. Rosie has recently completed her MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, and she will contribute to Lessons from Europe to North East Asia, Europeana and Innovating History Education for All. More information on us can be found here.

After an intense introductory phase, we are all set to begin our adventure at EuroClio. By the time you are reading this, we will have started working on our projects, and we are looking forward to showcasing our work. As a group of trainees, we come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, and it will be exciting to work closely not only with the staff at EuroClio, but also with each other.