The EuroClio Board met for the third time this year in Tirana, Albania on 16-18 July. The meeting was very kindly facilitated by ALBNA-Albanian History Teachers Association and the Institute of Democracy, Media and Culture, which provided its office. The Board was humbled by the generous hospitality provided by the Albanian member association.

The aim was to get closure on the strategic priorities that were set in the previous meeting in the Netherlands in May 2016. The first day was dedicated to the strategic priorities, which the Board discussed first among themselves and then with EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar and Deputy-Director Steven Stegers.

On the second day the Board held several key discussions on the state of implementation of the action plan 2017, as well as the strategic planning for 2018-2020. In addition, prioritising on membership as well as the wider effort to transform the mission and vision statements were done in highly productive discussions. Board member Lóa Kristjánsdóttir concluded that it were “very productive days, inspired by the Albanian hospitality and atmosphere”.