Aysel Gojayeva started at EuroClio as a trainee in late 2011. Her talents for event coordination were quickly noticed and she demonstrated them in the preparation and implementation of the Annual Conference in April 2012, in Antalya, Turkey. Her capacity to guide participants, stakeholders and donors through the thorny process of making a common programme, engaging in professional development and achieving unexpected results, has been of tremendous value to EuroClio, as experienced first hand by the secretariat staff, the EuroClio board and many educators and partners involved in the work of the association. In addition to this, she has been vital to the successful realisation of the international project “Sharing History – Cultural Dialogues” in the Black Sea region, applying her talents for process management, interpersonal communication, language and educational development. During her years at EuroClio, Aysel has been responsible for communication with members, outreach, international training, and many other areas. Finally, in the last year she has lead the EuroClio projects “Silencing Citizens Through Censorship” and “Strategies for Inclusion”, achieving very good results, including a Historiana module.

To express our collective gratitude to this highly energetic, young and capable person, people from the EuroClio community who have worked with Aysel intensively have collected memories, testimonials and pictures, combining them in posters that she can put up the wall of her new apartment in Hamburg. This way, we would like to show that EuroClio people will never forget Aysel, and try to make sure she does not forget about us either.

The good news is that she will go on in the field of education research, at International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) in Hamburg, North Germany. At IEA, Aysel will use the skills she’s developed at EuroClio in managing projects and leading a team of researchers. We wish her and her husband Hashim all the best in their new home!