Tuesday 4 April saw an interactive session entitled “Engaging young people with past and present. Learning history by doing it” which was organised in close cooperation between EuroClio, EUSTORY Iberian Competition and Ikastolen Elkartea. The session consisted of several elements, first starting with an introduction to the EUSTORY Iberian competition by Ignacio Herrera and Yolanda Trujillo, focusing on the concept of EUSTORY and the EUSTORY Iberian Competition, and its role in the nature of citizenship and engagement since 2008.

Five case presentations running in parallel by the students and teachers followed, touching on subjects such as the Wall of Gandia, the factory of the Salesians of Serrià, La Casita, the European Youth Parliament and ‘fighting in favour of equality’. The student-led sessions were a great success.

A concluding panel moderated by Ignacio Herrera brought insights from case presentations to the panel and open discussion among the conference participants.