Sites of Commemoration in Lebanon were the focus of the project launched in 2016-2017 by the Lebanese Association for History (LAH) in partnership with the Forum for Civil Peace Service Zfd, in Beirut, Lebanon. The aims are to better understand the civil war period, to engage students in documenting it and to open a calm conversation about it. This period has not yet been included in the Lebanese curriculum. The project involves training teachers on leading research projects by students for the social service program launched by the ministry of education and higher education in Lebanon. The exhibition turned out to be very vibrant and engaging. It took place at the Barbir Hospital, a hospital that has historic significance too as it reminds the Lebanese of the green line that divided Beirut during the war. Students screened their oral research documentaries in special rooms that they decorated with artistic installations depicting their own reflections. As visitors came in, you could hear interesting discussions by students enthusiastically explaining their newly acquired knowledge.

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