During the 24th EuroClio Annual Conference in Donostia-San Sebastian, the completed Historiana unit ‘Changing Europe’ was officially launched to the public. In this unit you will find historical content including life stories, timelines and evidence files. This content is accompanied by ready-to-use learning activities focussing on a subject which has had an impact on the evolution of modern Europe. From a scripted drama on the coming to existence of the European Community to an activity on migration in a post-Schengen world, and from an increasingly important topic such as a European Defence Community to energy dependency. Looking at history of the EU from a historical perspective and through contemporary issues this educational unit attempts to make a usually complex and not so interesting topic more engaging and relevant for the present and the future.

Team members Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic, Guido Lessing, Helen Snelson and Ute Ackermann Boeros from the project ‘Decisions and Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues’ trained the conference participants with the 6 learning activities that have been developed in the context of the project and that feature in the unit. For more information on the project visit our project page and explore the materials on Historiana here.