We are happy to announce the survey for teachers in the Western Balkans is available on our website. After several rounds of feedback by the Standing Working Group members, participants to the 2016 regional Summer School in Montenegro and over 300 educators from across the region during six national seminars, the survey underwent a thorough review process. It is now available online in seven local languages.

The survey is part of a needs assessment study conducted by the project researchers Dea Maric and Rodoljub Jovanovic, and focuses on a variety of aspects, including study programmes for history educators, employment and professional development, curriculum and textbooks, teachers’ roles and skills, schools, teaching practice/everyday teaching and dealing with difficult topics.

The goal of the survey is to reach out to history educators across the region so they can share their perspectives on history and citizenship education in their region. Eventually, the survey results will form the basis for new strategies and methods to foster multi-perspective and participative lessons.

Find the online survey here: epact.euroclio.eu

For more information about the project, see the project page: