From 28-31 January, participants of the project “Learning History that is ‘not yet History’” (LHH) met at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague for the project’s first development meeting. The LHH project aims to contribute to the field of European remembrance through raising the awareness among teachers, students and pupils that common approaches to the very sensitive past are possible, so that they may raise awareness in their countries that common remembrance is possible.

The overarching theme of this development meeting was to assess the role of transitional justice – and specifically the role of the ICTY – in teaching the History of the 1990s wars in former Yugoslavia. The meeting enabled project participants to gain a better understanding of the ICTY Outreach programme and the challenges of integrating a lasting and meaningful legacy of the tribunal in schools in the region; and to develop the first ideas on how ICTY materials can be used by History educators.

The meeting included fascinating insights by the ICTY Outreach team through presentations and trainings on the ICTY material’s use in a classroom. Participants were undoubtedly enthused and enlightened as to how transitional justice can be implemented within the teaching of subjects with high sensitivities.