In 2017, the Europe for Citizens programme (2014-2020) has reached the mid-point of its programme period and is therefore asking all its beneficiaries and all involved individuals to partake in a public consultation. EuroClio encourages those within our community who have been involved with the programme to partake in the consultation. Our community has greatly benefitted from the remembrance programme both through projects and operating grants.

This public consultation has been launched on 9 January on Your Voice in Europe (see: and on the DG HOME’s website (see: The consultation’s deadline is 10 April, and its primary arims are to collect views and opinions on the results and impacts of activities and projects co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme between 2014 and 2016. Contributions are sought from individuals, programme stakeholders, public authorities, civil society, beneficiaries and non-successful applicants.

In addition, a mid-term external evaluation in the form of an online survey has also been launched. It is aimed at collecting the first-hand experiences of the programme from three different stakeholder groups: action grant beneficiaries, operating grant beneficiaries and non-successful applicants. The detailed survey, can be accessed here: