Europeana is a partner organisation that supports the development of Historiana – it has, for instance, enabled the addition of the “Search and Select” tool, through which Europeana sources are made available for search within Historiana. Europeana has now launched its first match funding call for innovative digital education projects. It is looking for interesting projects that reuse Europeana’s content for educational purposes, and is offering € 10,000 to co-fund a maximum of three creative projects in education. With this initiative, Europeana collaborates with the Goteo Foundation, and aims to promote cross-sector innovation between the areas of creative industries, cultural heritage and education.

Europeana is specifically on the lookout for applications that introduce new ways to engage with Europe’s digital cultural heritage in secondary education. Interested persons can submit a project proposal, which should be, among other things, innovative and feasible, have relevance for secondary education, and make use of Europeana openly licensed material. The proposals can take on many different forms – they can range from apps, MOOCs (massive open online courses), and eBooks, to documentaries and other creative tools.

The deadline for this match funding call is March 15, 2017 at 23:59 hours (Central European Time). Applicants are asked to, among other things, present a basic business plan that shows how they will ensure the project’s sustainability, and provide a detailed budget for the development of the project. For an exhaustive list of requirements, as well as information on the procedures of applications and the evaluation criteria, please refer to: More information can also be found on: