The EuroClio Board met for the first time this year in Como, Italy on 13-14 January. The aim was to work further on the strategic priorities that were set in the previous meeting in the Netherlands. The first day was dedicated to the strategic priorities, which the board discussed first among themselves and then with EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar. The meeting was held in board member Paolo Ceccoli’s historic school, Liceo Volta, where the famous physicist and chemist Alessandro Volta both studied and taught. The beautiful 200-year-old school building in neoclassical style provided a perfect atmosphere for productive work, and the board made a lot of progress in their work on strategic priorities. On the second day the board worked on membership and financial issues, and planned ahead for 25 years celebrating EuroClio, preparing for San Sebastian and more. The board will continue their work online before their next board meeting in San Sebastian.

We had a very productive meeting in a beautiful city, thanks Paolo for hosting us. Hope to see you all in San Sebastian in April.
-Lóa Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir, President of the board