The second Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting in the project Strategies for Inclusion will take place in London from 7-13 November. The Special Interest Group will meet with the following aims in mind;

  • To share the findings of the questionnaire developed within the needs assessment and the selection of existing resources on inclusive education and high quality history and citizenship education, and discuss the implications for the development of the educational resources
  • To peer review the draft educational resources in terms of content and methodology, their potential to remove barriers to learning specific to history and citizenship education, the extent to which they are meeting the diverse learning needs of students, and identify ways of improving these resources
  • To train the SIG members on the development of high quality educational resource for history and citizenship, inclusive assessments and the practice of inclusive schools, via training and onsite learning
  • To agree on the timeline of activities between this and final meeting, including the piloting process of the draft educational resources

Additionally, the interest group members will attend to a varied and interesting programme that includes a visit to the Museum of Childhood as well as institutional visits in both London and Hampshire.