Museum of Palestinian History & Art – Educational Material for Teachers Survey

In the year 2017, the Museum of Palestinian History and Art, a unique online educational experience, will open its doors for the first time, promising to bring a new depth of understanding about Palestine to a global public. With the official launch of the website  more than -educational material and exhibits on Palestinian history, identity, and culture will be accessible from anywhere in the world. Featuring cutting-edge, interactive and multimedia content, the Museum of Palestinian History and Art will place the Palestinian experience front and center of an understanding of the region’s events past and present.

The museum wishes to become the primary source of information on Palestine, providing a range of serious scholarly works coupled with interactive educational material for teachers, researchers and educators. Therefore the Museum of Palestinian History and Art would like to invite you to take part in a brief, anonymous survey of ten multiple choice questions (time of completion ca. 2-3 minutes). Your answers will enable the museum team to gain valuable insights into already existing educational materials on the subject and will help to improve the content according to your needs and expectations.

Access the survey at the link below;