Peer-reviewing learning activities in Athens

On 17-18 September, Guido Lessing, Bojana Dujkovic and Ute Ackermann-Boeros met in Athens in order to peer-review learning activities within the Decision and Dilemmas 2-project. Additionally, Kate Smee joined in via Skype from the UK.

The group got together to peer review the improved version of learning activities resulting from the previous meeting in Bruges, Belgium. They integrated the feedback given by Historiana learning editor Helen Snelson, and started to think about further peer-review and piloting of the materials. One of the more useful pieces of feedback was was to get a non-native English speaker to read it through to identify vocabulary that teachers could give their classes in advance. This would help with reducing the amount of confusion in class, and thus improve the quality of the lessons.

The accumulation of these meetings, as well as meetings in Brussels and York, will be presented in the form of learning activities workshops at The EuroClio Annual Conference in San Sebastian 2017. The next and final, development meeting will take place in the weekend of 18-20 November 2016 in Budapest.