Within the Education Partnership for Advocacy, Capacity-Building and Transformation (ePACT) project, 6 national Peer-Training events will be organised in close cooperation with our 6 local partners in the Western Balkans. To prepare for these meetings, the national coordinators together joined forces with additional members from the associations for a Preparatory Meeting integrated in the second Regional Summer School in Lovćen, Montenegro from 12-17 July 2016. The coordinators discussed the timeline and planning of the upcoming national events that are designed to get valuable feedback to the Regional Needs Assessment that is planned within the ePACT project, on a national level. The survey for the Needs Assessment is planned to be disseminated in early 2017 and already received feedback from regional experts during the first Standing Working Group meeting on History Education in Vienna (June, 2016). Now project researchers Dea Marić and Rodoljub Jovanović hosted another feedback session to the survey during the summer school.


Download the public report by clicking this link: Report Preparatory Meeting National Peer-training Events ePACT