The EuroClio Board met in The Hague on 9-10 September in order to take the next step in setting strategic priorities for the Board to address in the coming two years. In the previous Board Meeting, in Leiden, The Netherlands, EuroClio Executive Director proposed to the Supervisory Board a set of current challenges.

With all the exciting projects and ongoing events, conferences and exchanges, we have in our organisations, it was very important we had a chances to get a good birds-eye view on the present to plan a head for the future. We will work more closer together with our members to strengthen our organisation which is going to celebrate 25 years next year.
– Loa Kristjansdottir, EuroClio President

During the first day in the September Board Meeting, the Board was presented a specified overview of ongoing engagements of the organisations. This helped the Board to identify the extent to which each project and activity supports member engagement, improves the quality of member services and has a viable impact on the association and beyond.

On the second day, the Board worked in its two subcommittees – Finances and Membership – to elaborate in details the current situation of the organisation and plan ahead. Following the committee work, the Board took some key decisions on the way forward, including a set of priorities for the coming two years, a framework for the forthcoming 25th year anniversary of the organisation and the decision on the location of the 2018 Annual Conference.

There was also a good opportunity for the EuroClio Board to meet at the secretariat with the new trainees and Dutch EuroClio Ambassadors for an intercultural evening.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for the 14-15 January.