During the Second Regional Summer School organised by EuroClio – Inspiring History and Citizenship Educators, a preparatory meeting as well as a needs assessment review for the ePACT project was implemented at the same time. The Summer School brings together history teachers from all over the region as well as from all over the world. Among the participants were also the national coordinators appointed within the ePACT project. It was important for the coordinators to discuss the timeline and planning of the upcoming national events. Regarding the Needs Assessment, which is planned to be disseminated in January or February next year (2017), it was important for project researchers Dea Maric and Rodoljub Jovanovic to once again pilot their survey and have more feedback. The first time feedback was given, was during the Regional Expert Meeting in Vienna (June, 2016). It was important for both researchers and national coordinators to be able to discuss the next steps face to face. Essential issues about timeline of activities, implementation of the survey as well as the translation of the questions were tackled.