In Between? Searching for local histories in borderlands of Europe – Autumn edition

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) invites young Europeans aged between 18-25 to explore the history of Europe’s border regions through the eyse of their residents. The initiative aims to improve knowledge on historical processes in 20th-century East-Central Europe, equipping those interested in history with tools and methods for examining and documenting the past as well as documenting oral reports and audio-visual materials concerning history and the identities of Europe’s border communities.

If selected, the participants are able to take part in a programme filled with workshops and study visits in one of the four European regions. There will be workshops in Warsaw from 12-15 September 2016 by experts in most recent history, oral history, anthropology and archival studies who will train the participants in basic methods of collecting reports and photograph digitalisation.

Then after the workshops, from 16-22 September 2016, the participants (in teams of six) will go for week-long study visits to border places in four regions of Europe (Czech Republic-Germany-Poland; Austria-Slovenia; Croatia-Hungary, Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine). The visits will result in collecting interviews and audio-visuals documents which reflect the past of a given region. The project participants will also attempt to make the narratives that they will have collected a part of a broader context of Europe’s regional history. The project will close with a conference to be held in Warsaw in late 2016.

ENRS covers all costs of participation in the project except the costs of personal insurance and journey of participant from hometown to the workshops venue (Warsaw).

Recruitment is open until 10 July 2016! To apply click here.