The Presence of the Holocaust in society, politics and culture, c.1970-c.2015

The British Association for Holocaust Studies will organise their Conference on the Presence of the Holocaust in society, politics and culture c.1970-2015, from 19 until 21 July 2016 at the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education in London. This conference is concerned specifically with how the collective conception of the Holocaust has developed since the mid to late 1970s. Ours is the generation in which the Holocaust memory has grown exponentially, expanding and extending at such a rate that it not only permeates Western culture and society, but now has global proportions. Nor is there any indication of this slowing down any time soon; instead, increased concern at the passing of survivors has given but further impetus to attempts to teach, learn, and remember the Holocaust, whilst its continued representation raises ongoing interest in its abstraction and appropriation. For more detailed information on the conference themes visit this link. Confirmed Keynote Speakers include: Professor Dan Stone (University of London), Professor Aleida Assmann (Universität Konstanz, Germany), Professor Wulf Kansteiner (Binghamton University, USA), Professor Dan Michman (The International Institute for Historical Research).

Bookings for the Conference are now open and they close Friday 1 July 2016.