EuroClio will kick-off a new project within the context of the upcoming conference “Teaching for Peace: History in Perspective” held in The Netherlands coming July. The project, funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation gathers 8 civil society actors that have a mission and relevant experience in the promotion of innovative and responsible history education and work on a cross-regional level on Dealing with the Past in History Education. During the meetings, which will be held over the course of three days, the core team will agree on an action plan for study visits, and develop a common strategy for the documentation of strategies. Besides that, the core team will participate in parts of the “Teaching for Peace” conference.

Dealing with the Past in History Education

The objective of the project is to create, empower and increase the impact of a global core team of civil society actors who work on dealing with the legacy of a violent past. By doing so, the networks of the core team members will be expanded. The project will result in a knowledge base consisting of teaching resources, multi-lateral textbooks, relevant stakeholders, policies and recommendations, journals, (action) research and strategies that are not yet sufficiently disseminated. In addition, core team members and the organizations hosting the study visits will engage in joint advocacy to inter-governmental organisations and targeted media on regional and global levels, raising awareness among policy makers and civil society actors on the importance of responsible history education on dealing with the past for sustainable peace.