EuroClio, together with International NGO Forum for History and Peace is delighted to announce the Call for Participation for the 2016 International Conference on History Education for Peace in East Asia and Europe: “Teaching for Peace: History in Perspective”. The conference offers a unique gathering of educators and civil society practitioners from East Asia and Europe to explore the role of international cooperation, history education and civil society in establishing sustainable peace in East Asia in dialogue with Europe. The conference will take place from 6 – 8 July 2016 in the Netherlands, more specifically in the centrally located cities of The Hague, Leiden and Utrecht.

The first day focuses on Historical Justice in Europe and East Asia, while the second day deals with Addressing the history of colonialism and World War 2. Finally, on the third day, the conference will focus on Teaching global history in the 21st century. Speakers are, among others: Antoon de Baets (Professor in History, Ethics and Human Rights at the University of Groniningen), Abiodun Williams (President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice), Kees Ribbens (Senior researcher on Public History and World War II at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies), and many more representatives with different expertise from across the World. For more information on the programme, registration and fees, please visit

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The annual International NGO Forum on History and Peace already since 2008 is a unique platform for cooperation among thousands of representatives of civil society, education and research with a focus on strengthening cooperation between China, South Korea and Japan, as well as fostering co-operation across East Asia and beyond. With many strong civil society partners, the Forum has initiated and partnered on a variety of projects and partnerships, which include the production of joint history textbooks, youth and teacher exchanges. The conference promises to become an event full of sharing, training, networking, and dialogue among delegates from East Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.