By EuroClio President Lóa Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir

The board met in the beautiful city of Leiden on 13th – 15th of May. The main purpose of the meeting was team building. Apart from standard board work we had active work on EuroClio’s bigger picture, overall picture on EuroClio’s work, policies, actions, services and vision. Jonathan prepared a session on for us, thank you Jonathan for that. And we had a very fruitful discussions and dialogue on the vision for the future. For the venue of meeting we enjoyed the hospitality of an NGO in the city housed in an old building that was originally an orphanage. I am sure that the nice surrounding made our work more fruitful and certainly more enjoyable. Also, I am happy to say that our two new board members, Frank van den Akker, our special financial adviser, and Sinaéd Fitzsimons who was elected at the GA in Belfast did very well and I am looking forward to working with the board further on the vision and what kind of EuroClio we want to be.