For the new Project Divided Past, Joint Future – EuroClio is one of the partners – we are inviting  interested candidates to apply for the external evaluation. The project consortium involves multiple CSOs, research institutes, foundations, a resource center, Erasmus NAs and 25 associated business partners.

Divided Past, Joint Future is a long running Project (48 months) in the Western Balkans and Turkey. The ultimate project goal is to create a platform for a strong civil society, that is ready and resourceful to be a main actor in peace and reconciliation policy. Through this CSOs can contribute more to the security and stability of the region in the process of EU integration.

The potential candidates should have at least 3 year evaluation experience and in their application they should demonstrate that they have a sound knowledge and understanding of peace and reconciliation policy in the Western Balkans and Turkey as well as the existence of critical approach to this process on national level. A candidate should also have excellent knowledge of the English language and one of the Western Balkan languages (see PDF document) or Turkish.

The Evaluator will be requested to construct an Evaluation Plan, write the Interim Evaluation Report and eventually produce a Final Evaluation Report in the beginning of 2020.

Our Project allows for a maximum contract price of 20.000 euros. However this tender is transparent, fair and based on principles of equal treatment, which also means candidates are able propose different financial offers according to their own estimated costs.

The application deadline is 9 May 2016. You can send your application to the Youth Communciation Center in Banja Luka. The address can be found in the PDF-document. Selection procedure will be finished around 13 May 2016.

For more information about the project and the external evaluation please download the PDF below.