On 14 March 2016 EuroClio Board Member Paolo Ceccoli from Instituto Parri (Bologna, Italy) attended to the panel discussion on “Agreements and Disagreements: New studies and its tall tales (16th- 21st centuries)” hold in Barcelona. The initiative, organised in the research programme framework “MediTerraneum: An historical perspective of the regional interconnections of the Mediterranean and Europe” (METE) has been jointly promoted by the Institut d’ Historia Jaume Vives (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and Casa de Velazquez. During the meeting three important discussions took place:

  • The State of the Art in Mediterranean history
  • Historical Account on the Mediterranean between science and geopolitics
  • Mediterranean history in education and society nowadays

Speakers emerged into the several discussions concerning Mediterranean history, different narrative approaches and dissemination. Paolo presentend EuroClio’s mission which states a multiperspective, responsible and innovative history education and its possible application into this Mediterranean history education approach.

One of the main conslusions of the meeting was to involve teachers and scholars from all the Mediterranean shores to enable more innovative and responsible history education in the region.