June 6 – June 10

The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the Barcelona International Peace Rource Center (BIPRC) are please to announce an Intensive Course on Transitional Justice and Peace Processes.

The course will focus on practical examples of recent or paradigmatic peace processes where the question of justice formed a significant part of the negotiating context. It will raise a series of questions on substance, process, participation and review how things worked out in practice.

The aim is to provide course participants with a firm grounding in the basics of transitional justice and to understand the challenges, options and implications of different approaches to the justice question in peace processes.

The majority of course will then be given over to discuss and analyse a number of different peace processes, current, recent and past, to look at how the issues have been addressed. Processes to be considered include Colombia, South Sudan, South Africa, Guatemala, Northern Ireland and Syria.

The program is targeted at mid-career and senior staff at multilateral agencies, governments, NGOs, foundations, and universitise. Practitioners directly involved in countries dealing with peace processes are especially encouraged to apply.

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