HEIRNET Annual Conference 2016: History Education In A Changing World:  The Past As A Tool For The Future

History education is political education. Because of that history plays an important role in the development of student’s sense of identity, consciousness and citizenship. Countries and communities use their frequently competing nationalistic master and other minor narratives, drawn from a canon of historical consciousness, memories, myths, legends, narratives, stories and accounts to promote, sustain and support dogmatic positions and beliefs. All too often these result in civil conflict, civil war, genocide, terrorism and international armed conflict. As an antidote to this, the HEIRNET 2016 conference will examine History Education’s research based values, beliefs, policies, curricula and pedagogy/didactics that reflect the open-minded skills, processes, procedures and disciplinary concepts [second order] of history as a disputatious, debated and contested enquiry rooted in primary and secondary sources.

Groups of delegates can host a session on a theme or topic of their own choice, which is a very interesting opportunity. This year’s programme even incorporates themes and topics that delegates from previous conferences have suggested. In the document below you can find the details on the first call for papers.

If you are interested, check our event page or go the the event website.